New Musik : DJ Smart ft SupaGal,PrettyBrown,Portable,DizzBaby,Vnissi,Pattina,Adj,MT,Envy – Carnival Theme Song ( @bantybeat)


Music: Mt-Grateful

Sound Kitchen’s Vocalist, song writer and Instrumentalist “MT” is a year older today. Hurray! So she decides to do something different from what she usually brings, and she titles this one “Grateful” Trust me, anyone can connect to this song. Just hit the download button and Join her worship the creator. Happy Birthday MT..

EVENT; The Art Of Peer Pressure


Host: Buddyz club and bar

Date: 30 November 2013

Venue: Buddyz club and bar, 29 atekong, calabar.

Ticketing: Entry and tickets cost N1000 + free entry for girls.

Age Restriction: A specific range of persons who are 18 and above, special considerations might be given to younger persons.

Tickets: Tickets can be gotten at fiesta and apples fast food or at the wine shop, atekong or by speaking to any of our contacts.

Why should you be in attendance?

*Its been a long year and its officially the eve to december and what better way to spend it at the #69 party.

*For those who are single and ready to mingle, what better way to find he or her. Chances are high that you bump into that special someone at the party.

*Party on your mind; you are an exultant, an extrovert, you like meeting new people and celebrating! There will be so many people around, all in all, if your a ball of energy and full of excitement, then you have every reason to say yes to this party.

*Show off; that crazy dress or expensive shoe you bought and you’ve been looking for a chance to wear it. Now that it has rested for quite sometime in your wardrobe, this is the time to fulfil its purpose, so get your diva avatar or wear you gorgeous guru look and head straight to the party. Make eye balls go gaga.

*Free drinks; are you bored, with basically no work to do, your home alone, please feel free to stop at the party, free drinks till 8pm.

For further enquires:
Uby – 08133043827
Kelvin – 08032630413
On bbm:
Uby – 23BFF80E
Kelvin – 2A25F099
& on twitter

[Music] : Dr Sid Ft. Don Jazzy – #SURULERE (Patience is rewarding)

Dr SID Is Back With a New Tune Off His New Album ”SIDUCTION” ….Here is #SURULERE Featuring Don Jazzy…….Enjoy!!!


VIDEO : Iyanya – Le Kwa Ukwu

Ladies and Gents, we bring you guys the official video for Iyanya‘s new smash single “Le Kwa Ukwu”. Back in October, we got to see B-T-S footage as well as pictures from the video shoot in London, and from that point, this became one of the most hotly-anticipated videos for the last quarter of 2013. Thankfully it lived up to the hype.

Aside the obvious clarity of the visuals, the storyline is also quite clear. From the start, Iyanya tries to woo a gorgeous lady that makes him “lose control”. Does he finally get her? There’s only one way to find out. Watch the video below.

Directed by Sesan.



[Music]: Najoe Baba – Badman

_NG_ ďj$ɨďɲ€¥

Here is banging new track from Mewo entertainment’s signing Najoebaba, titled ”BADMAN”…Download and enjoy..



[Music]: Mt {@OffficialMT}-Carry Dey Go


After droping a couple of singles which include Yes/No (Banky W cover), a tune dat has refused to vacate the lips of its listeners and is currently enjoying airplays, Mt is here with a spanking new Tiune titled ”Carry Dey Go” As she celeberates her birthday with the world. This tune is highly Azontoable AND Etighilicious and will sure get you on your feet.. Listen and enjoy.


[BBA News]: Melvin and Cleo’s booty fight!

News: Melvin and Cleo's booty fight!

Cleo and Melvin got into a mini argument when the latter commented on Cleo’s ample booty and boobs.

According to Melvin, he couldn’t help but notice how Cleo is filling out her pants and leggings rather nicely since the show started. “Many guys are attracted to big butts and boobs. I’m not trying to offend you. Me and Elikem noticed when you passed the other day that your booty is looking nice. If you were my baby mamma I would be proud. It was just an observation we made” the Nigerian said.

Cleo however, didn’t seem to take too kindly to this and mentioned how disrespectful it was because she is a mother. After a while, she revealed how self-conscious she was about her body, especially after her child was born. “I used to get teased all the time about my body. I had the hugest boobs on earth and gained a lot of weight,” the Zambian said.

After going back and forth about whether Melvin’s comment was a compliment or a dig at Cleo’s thick frame, the gang gave it a rest and continued drinking.

[Photo] : StarBoy Ent. Newest Act ”L.A.X” Acquires Brand New Car

Barely 12 hours after we announced his deal with Wizid’s Star By Entertainment, L.A.X has acquired a brand new automobile – for the streets.

He Shared The Picture on his InstaGram Page….With The Caption ”New ride! We growing…..”

The singer who featured in Starboy’s new release, Caro  is set to release his new single and will work on a joint mixtape with the other acts under star boy. Congrats L.A.X

[BBA News]: Bev and Elikem’s Angelo fight

News: Bev and Elikem's Angelo fight

After settling in and downing a couple of bottles of booze, a fight ensued between Elikem and Angelo’s sweetheart Beverly.

The Nigerian lingerie model expressed her disappointment at Elikem for not comforting her when Angelo was Evicted last night. “I really didn’t take kindly to the fact that you didn’t even have the decency to come to me to try and comfort me afterAngelo was Evicted,” the Nigerian said. Last week, Elikem was Head of House and Saved himself from the Eviction gallows and put Angelo up in his place instead. Could Beverly still be harbouring anger or resentment towards Elikem after the Swap? Beverly says no.

Elikem on the other hand told Beverly “I wanted to give you time to process your feelings on your own. I didn’t want to be all up in your face. However, as much as you love Angelo, you came here alone. It’s okay to be affected by his Eviction because you are super close to him. He was your best friend in this House. However, I feel you need to appreciate the fact that you are in the Top 5. You are here to represent yourself, your family, your country and the continent. Now that he is gone, he will go out there and push for you because you are in the Top 5. I’ve also lost people I was close to in this game. Pokello and Selly,” the Ghanaian said.

When Beverly told Elikem “Our relationship with Angelo was not the same as yours and Pokello’s,” Elikem told her “Who says it was not the same? The only difference is that you and Angelo called it dating, while me and Pokello chose not to label it. We did everything you did and talked about everything you did. I’m sure our relationship went even deeper,” he said.

Dillish, who was quiet during the whole episode then stepped up and told the two “this is really spoiling the mood guys. Just drop it,” which they did. Yikes!